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Company Profile

President – Dave Bussard, Vice-President – Vicki Bussard

Founded: June, 1997

Prior employment: I was in drafting and design for 16 years at Shaum Manufacturing, Inc. I work alone by choice, though I will subcontract help as needed.  I work directly with the customer throughout the entire project, from the initial call thru completion. I do know my capabilities and work within them.

100% of my projects over the past ten years have been from customer referrals. I have no bad referrals!!  I treat every project as if it were another page added to my resume.  And no, I don’t complete every project as if I were doing for myself,  I complete them as if I were doing it for you!


Born and raised in Elkhart

Married to Vicki

Two  children: Matt (Karina) and Megan (Aaron) Barnes

Hobbies: Running, Watercolors, Photography, Homebrewing