Here's my list of customers and jobs I've completed in the past seven years. As far as I know, I am 101/101 in satisfied customers! Customers that have called me back for more than one job are designated with Bold Red Lettering. Recognition needs to go to Charles Edelstein (9) and Barry & Lynn Schaar  (7) and  for most projects and to Mike & Donna Pangburn for allowing me work on all three of the houses they have lived in since I've known them!

Air Maps, Inc.;Windows (5) Installation,

Barany’s Windows & Doors; Reside (2) House’s, Vinyl Siding

Jim Beck; Drywall 

Herschel Beegle; Drywall repair

Tony & Cathy Bennett; Frame & Install Patio Door, Breakfast Bar

Gerald Bettcher; Laundry Room addition

Ed Boomershine; Skylight & Window Installation

Dave Borbely; 1000 sq’ Basement Remodel

Jack & Maria Brewer; Bathroom Renovation, Addition, Kitchen Remodel, New bathroom

Mike & Jackie Brewers, Texture Ceiling, Poolhouse

Larry & Carol Brown; Bathroom Remodel

Dave & Lori Bruce; Bathroom Remodel

George Bowers; Reside, Vinyl Siding

Michael Bueter; 2nd Story Deck

Dave & Vicki Bussard; Cobus Woods Spec Home, Home Residence Addition

Paul Camiller; Entryway Door System

Don Creed; Install Entrance Door, Sink Base

Emmet Crowder; Breezeway

Kip & Babette Czoch; Drywall Addition

D&S Totally Mobile; Business office addition

Terry Davis; Deck Steps and Railings

Nick DeLucenay; Bathroom remodel

Adam & Jami Dexter, Garage Addition, 5700 Sq. Ft. Total home renovation

Garth Dexter; 21’ x 20’ Garage Addition

Dexter Chassis Group; 2 Story Shipping Office, telephone office

John & Linda Drummond; Attic Insulation, Bathroom remodel

Chas Edelstein; 3-Season Room, Custom 500 sq’ deck, Boathouse renovation, Exterior lighted stairway, Interior renovation; 3 Bathroom remodels, Dining room hardwood flooring, kitchen makeover, Master Bedroom makeover

Jim & Marjorie Eger; New Sink, Gas Line Installation

Dave Elliott; Interior Trim

Doug & Jet Fites; Bathroom remodel

Carl Foley: Window installation

Brian Gildea; Home Office

John Gildea; Custom Pergola

Greg & Nancy Goldy: Kitchen Remodel

Griffey Construction; Install Aluminum Siding

Dave Hanna; Misc, Electrical, Painting

Steve Hart; Interior crown moulding

Hartogh Industries; Business office renovation

Bernie & Sandra Hartogh; New Bathroom, Drywall Addition, New closet, Complete Kitchen Remodel

Don & Gail Hemler; Two New Bathrooms

Judy Hoefle; Patio Door Installation

Randy Hoefle: Countertop Repair

Erin Holm; Install Dishwasher

Dana Homo; Sunroom Addition

Dave & Deb Hosack; Complete Basement Remodel

Nevin Houston; Exterior Stairway Replacement

JP & Marlo Hoyer; Kitchen Counter Replacement

Jack & Jill Daycare; Kitchen Remodel

Greg & Linda Kasamis; Tear Out and Drywall, Bathroom remodel

Ivy Kennedy; Exterior Trim Painting

Larry & Karen Kijak; Reside House, Vinyl Siding, Replacement Windows, Vinyl Deck, Garage Addition

Steve & Debi Kildow; Master Bath, Master Walk-in Closet, Outdoor Bar-B-Q

Ted & Melody Knudson; Family Room Addition

Alan Kralovansky; Drywall

Joe Koscielny; Exterior Deck Stairway

Angie Landis; Drywall Bathroom, Repair Ceramic Tile

Garrick & Tricia Lankford; Drywall

Larry Lentz; Interior Painting

Cathy Lewandowski; Custom Garage Door, Custom Screen Door

Paul Lowery; Entry Door, Glass Blocks

Tom & Linda Love; Misc. Drywall Wall Repair

Dave Maciewski; Window Replacement

Marilyn Massey; Bathroom Remodel

Dan & Wendy Matz; Drywall Wall Repair

Steve McCloskey; Gas Water Heater Installation

Marty McCloskey; Drywall, Window Replacement

Marjorie McGlauchlen: Misc. Home Projects, Bathroom Tile

Dennis & Pattie Mishler; Interior Trim

Steve Murawski; Bathroom Remodel

William Murray; Extensive Interior Remodel, Exterior Vinyl Siding

Tim & Paula Neese; Deck, 2-Stall Carport, Drywall work, custom kitchen bar

Terry & Lori New; Reside house, Vinyl Siding

Mark & Patty Norrod; Basement Remodel

Garry Nutting; Basement Remodel

Kay O’Hara; Garage Drywall

Scott Olson; Remove Skylights & Re-Shingle

Michael & Donna Pangburn; Reside 2-Story House, Vinyl Siding, Interior Trim & Doors

Tom Patterson; Kitchen Installation

Jim & Pam Peterson; 375 Sq. Ft. Deck

Tom Pfeiffer; Drywall

Chris & Cindy Pierce; Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Brian Pletcher; New Home Drywalled

Greg Politowicz; Family Room Addition, Ceramic tile flooring installation

Jim Pringle; Bathroom Remodel

Steve Remis; Paragon Robotics; New Office Construction

Chris Rheinheimer; Reside Vinyl Siding

Jeffery Robertson; Drywall Ceilings          

Steve & Tammy Robison; Drywall

Roger Robison; Tub & Shower Installation, Drywall

Jim Russell; Interior Painting

SMI Technology; Shelving, Stairway, 500 Sq. Ft. Deck

Chris & Stephanie Scalise: Interior painting

Barry & Lynne Schaar; Major Interior Renovation, Kitchen Installation, Deck, Painting, Basement  Office, 3-Season Room, Loft Bathroom

Jeff & Sabine Schaar; Reside House, Vinyl siding

Jeff & Cathy Schrock; 336 Sq. Ft. Deck

Amish Shah: Master Bath, Master closet; Total makeover, Misc...

Loren Shaum; Damaged House Repair

Tim Shelly; Misc. Drywall Wall Repair

Tom Sherwood; Kitchen Remodel

Viola Snyder; Drywall

Tim & Darlynn Smale; Drywall

Mike & Amy Spurgeon; Basement Remodel, Interior Painting

Bob Thatcher; Roofing

Brian & Mary Thomas; Back Porch

Mrs. Harold Ulrich; New Bathroom

Dennis & Amy Traxler; Minor Interior Remodel

Gary & Sue Tucker; 2nd story deck

Judy Tucker; Bathroom

Bryan Whitford: Doors & trim

Stacey Wiedner; Walk In Cedar Closet

Virginia Wildig; Replace Outside Stairway

Mary Lou Wright; Basement remodel

Dick & Cindy Wuebker; 2-Story addition

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